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    We are enthusiastic about our coffee. From the Yunnan local farms
    to the worldwide wholesaler, from the retailer to every cup of coffee,
    we endeavour to let more people know Yunnan coffee’ aroma and mellow flavor

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    亚博yaboapp_亚博官网网站_亚博体育app苹果手机下载E-Commerce Co.,Ltd is the subsidiary of state-owed enterprise called 亚博yaboapp_亚博官网网站_亚博体育app苹果手机下载Co-op, which is in possession of coffee plantations and cooperates with Yunnan’s local supply and marketing system enterprises. On the one hand, we want to inherit our head company’s task and goal, that is to give full play of our provincial advantaged agricultural products and promote these products home and abroad. On the other hand, we want to catch up with the time and join the power of the electrical business to enlarge domestic & international market. Finally, we want to do what we can do to help Yunnan’s industrious peasantry to lead an abundant and happy life.


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    To achieve our goal, we have established a fully-developed working system from cultivating raw material to providing logistic service , we take efforts to promote our characteristic products like coffee bean, kidney bean, mushroom and so on home and abroad.

    Our plantation

    With different locations of plantations, we can supply green coffee beans with somewhat different flavor.

    Our factory

    In addition to basic coffee bean’s processing, OEM service with your packing requirement is also available.

    Our logistic service

    We can arrange domestic and international transportation to your sea port.

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